Sunday, 19 April 2015

Which Dishwasher?

When it comes to shopping around for the best dishwasher in the Australian market, you need to do your homework. This is especially true given that respondents to a recent Canstar Blue survey reportedly expect their dishwasher to last at least eight years!
So how do you figure out which dishwasher to buy?
Each year, Canstar Blue survey Australians who have purchased a dishwasher in the last few years to see how satisfied they are with their purchase. This year, Miele earned the Most Satisfied Customers Award – Dishwashers, 2014 – excelling in five of the eight survey criteria.
Miele’s key boast is that its’ German engineered products go through particularly extensive testing:
- dishwasher doors are tested 100,000 times,
- machines are run through 7,500 dishwashing cycles to determine effectiveness, and
- all appliances are tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ of usage.
Miele may be the obvious standout but other rated brands also proved themselves worthy of a spot on your shopping list:
Dishlex received five stars for value for money, ease of use, and warranty /service.
ASKO finished with five star ratings for performance, reliability, and ease of use.
LG ticked the ‘five star box’ for value for money, and
Electrolux secured five stars for dishwasher ease of use.
Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, Samsung, Bosch, and Whirlpool were also rated. Visit for all ratings. and contact Fix Your Plumbing regarding installation

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