Thursday, 30 April 2015

Don't lose your hot water this WInter

At this time of year your hot water system is working harder than ever to bring you nice hot showers and baths. A new water system can be expensive but you can extend the life of your system with a few simple checks.
  1. Have a look at the age of the unit, hot water unit years to human years is 9 to 1. A long life of a hot water unit is 11 to 13 years.
  2. Remove any rubbish from the base of the unit, keep the base and top dry and clear.
  3. Exercise the valves on the side of the unit, this will keep them working well and not over pressure the unit if one fails.
  4. What will happen if your unit leaks? Is your unit inside where it can flood? Do you have materials that can get wet if it does leak?
You can tell the age of your hot water unit, just look for an information panel like this at the top.  
If you do need to replace your hot water system then consider the size of the unit you need. If your family has grown you may need a larger capacity system or if down-sized a smaller system may suffice.
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