Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pipes Making Noise?

Pipe noises range from loud hammering sounds to high-pitched squeaks. The causes may be loose pipes, water logged air chambers, or water pressure that's too high. Anchoring exposed pipes is a simple solution; other remedies such as anchoring pipes concealed inside walls, floors or ceilings, may call for a professional.
Pipes are usually anchored with pipe straps every 6 to 8 feet for horizontal runs, 8 to 10 feet for vertical.

Banging - When you anchor a pipe, especially a plastic one, leave room for expansion.
Don't use galvanized straps on copper pipes.
Squeaking - Only hot water pipes squeak. As the pipe expands, it moves in its strap, and friction causes the squeak.
Solution: Cushion it as you would a banging pipe.
Water Hammer - This noise occurs when you turn off the water at a tap or an appliance quickly. The water flowing through the pipes slams to a stop, causing a hammering noise.
Check for Loose pipes
For help with those noisy pipes contact Fix Your Plumbing.


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